Purchase a Multi-Seat Subscription

If two or more people will be using a subscription-based product, we call this a multi-seat subscription.

To purchase your first multi-seat subscription, please contact our team at orders@techsmith.com and provide the following information.

When you contact our team at orders@techsmith.com, please provide the following details:

  • Which products you would like to purchase on a multi-seat basis.
  • What is your preferred billing period (month or year).
  • How many seats you need (you will need one seat for each user).

Our team calculates the total for each product. To calculate the tax amount and order total, we’ll need to create your account first. Proceed to Step 2: Information for creating your account.

We need the following information to create your account for multi-seat purchases.

Details Description Example


Company name

Used for information purposes only.

Company Ltd.

Billing address

We use your billing address to generate an invoice and send its PDF copy to your email.

Also, we will send notifications about the transactions and key subscription updates to your billing email address.

Kerry Wildes
220 S Main St.
Phoenix, AZ 85001

Shipping address

We use your shipping address to calculate the tax amount and the order total (product price + tax amount).

Also, we will send notifications about all subscription updates to your shipping email address.

Jackie Spenster
1033 Grand Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85001

Tax exemption certificate, if any

If you are tax-exempt, please provide your certificate to the team.

Order total for your multi-seat products is calculated, and your account for multi-seat subscriptions is ready—we are almost done. Proceed to the final Step 3: Your payment method details.

To complete the purchase on your behalf, we will ask which payment method you prefer.


If you choose to pay with a credit card

For multi-seat subscriptions, we accept the following credit card types:

  • American Express
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • Visa

Please contact our team over the phone and provide the credit card information listed in Phone and Fax Purchase Information. Our team adds the card to your account and confirms the purchase on your behalf.

If you have a purchase order

Please contact our team at orders@techsmith.com or by fax and provide the purchase order details listed in Phone and Fax Purchase Information.

After your subscription is created, please submit a payment with a check, wire transfer, or credit card within 30 days. See this support article.

After you purchase a multi-seat subscription, you can visit manage.techsmith.com to assign seats to end users, update your subscription, and more.


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