Smart Move

Instantly identify multiple objects that are editable in your image. This includes shapes with defined edges, strings of text, and other items in your image that can be identified separately or grouped together.

Find and Edit Objects and Text

  1. In the Snagit Editor toolbar, click to select the Move tool.
  2. In the tool properties, toggle on Smart Move.
  3. Selection handles appear on moveable objects when you mouse over them. Click on an object to make it editable.
    Adjust the sm2018edit-SmartMoveDetailSlider.png to identify different objects if you are unable to edit the object or objects that you want to work with.

    Double click on a text object to highlight the text for editing. Click in the text box to place the cursor and start typing to edit the text.

The editable object can be moved, resized or deleted. You can also click on any other object in the image with the selection handles and continue moving objects or editing text.

Delete or Edit Selected Text

  1. In Editor, click the Selection tool.
  2. Click and drag the cursor to select an area that has text you want to delete or replace.
  3. Right-click on the selection and choose Edit Text. The text is highlighted.
  4. Click in the text box to set the cursor and begin editing the text.

The cursor appears in the selection box and the text can be changed or deleted.