Behaviors are animated presets to drag and drop on text and media to liven it up and engage your viewers.

These might include:

  • Plain text that gently pulsates where you want viewers to click a link.
  • Image or a logo that enters the screen then swings back and forth on a hinge.
  • Callouts that animate in various ways on the canvas to draw attention to an area in the video.


Add a Behavior

  1. Click the Behaviors tab.
  2. Drag desired behavior to clip or media on timeline.
  3. Customize in Properties. Properties.png


Behaviors can be:

  • Added to images, video clips, and plain text, callout, line, and shape annotations.
  • Stacked together on a media to create unique effects.

Working with Behaviors

To perform this action... Do this...
View behaviors applied Click the Effects tray on media to show or hide the behaviors.
  1. Select behavior on timeline and click Properties. Properties.png
  2. Click Behaviors sub-tab. Behaviors_Tab.png
  3. Choose action to change. BehaviorSubTabs.png
  4. Choose desired motion effects.

Some motion effects are only available for Plain Text Annotations.


Select the behavior on a clip or media and press the Delete key.

Change duration

The duration of a behavior cannot be independently changed - it extends the entire length of a media clip, callout, etc.

To change the duration, change the duration of the media clip holding the behavior.

Copy and paste to other location
  • Right-click behavior and select Copy Effects.
  • Reposition playhead, right-click the media or clip and select Paste Effects.