Produce and Share a Video

The production process, also called rendering, creates a video file based on the sequence of recordings, video clips, audio clips, images, and effects on the timeline.


Preset production options contain settings optimized for popular distribution methods like, Vimeo, YouTube, your local hard drive, and more.

Share Your Video

  1. Click Share.
  2. Choose desired share option from menu.
    • On Windows, the Production Wizard appears. Step through the wizard to create your video.
      Or, choose Custom Production > New Custom Production to select from other file outputs, customize production settings, or save the settings as a preset for future use.
    • On Mac, the Export As or a login screen appears. Choose desired options to create your video.

Produce a Selection of the Timeline (Windows only)

Produce a selection on the timeline to create a short video or to preview an effect.

  1. Make selection on timeline.
  2. Right-click selection and choose Produce Timeline Selection As.
  3. The Production Wizard appears. Produce video with desired settings.