Record the Screen

Camtasia Recorder records exactly what you want: whether it's the entire screen, specific dimensions, a region, a window, or an application. Recorder is designed to be simple and easy-to-use starting with your first recording—just click the Record button and begin your onscreen activity.


Recorder automatically records:

  • Microphone audio
  • Keyboard shortcut data used to generate automatic keystroke callouts in Editor
  • Cursor data that allows you to customize the cursor in Editor


The default settings in Recorder give you a recording file that includes:

  • Full screen recording
  • System audio recording





  1. Choose area to record.
    • Full screen recording is the default.
    • Or, record with custom dimensions or a region you select.


  2. If desired, record web camera.

    Camtasia records both the screen and webcam. For webcam only, delete the screen recording track in Camtasia Editor.

  3. Choose audio options:
    • Microphone audio is recorded by default.

    • System Audio is recorded by default.

  1. Click the Record button.
  2. Click the Stop button.

Recording Hotkeys

Option Windows Hotkey Mac Hotkey
Start Recording F9 -----
Pause Recording F9 Command+Shift+2
Stop Recording F10 Comman+Option+2
Add a Marker Ctrl+M -----

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