Animations add interesting focal points to your video such as:

  • A talking head that smoothly transitions or trades places with a screen recording.
  • An image that enters the video from the left, pauses, then flies off to the right.
  • Callouts that animate in various ways on the canvas to draw attention to an area in the video.


Add an Animation

  1. Click the Animations tab.
  2. On Windows, click the Animations sub-tab.
  3. Drag desired animation to clip or media on timeline.


  • Add animations to images, video clips, and callout, line, or shape annotations.
  • To change animation duration, drag the end of the animation in either direction.


This animation allows you to create your own look.

  1. Drag animation to timeline where animation will occur.
  2. Place playhead after the animation.
  3. Perform the desired action on the canvas. For example, resize media, rotate, drag off screen.
  4. Drag size of animation to set duration.

To play media off screen, move media off canvas before adding the animation.


Restores clip to previous state by reversing the preceding animation.

For example, if you twirl a callout onto the screen, the Restore animation will twirl in reverse to the original off-screen position.

No Opacity Use to fade out media or clip so it cannot be seen.
Full Opacity Use to return media or clip to full opacity after the No Opacity animation.
Tilt Left Tilt media to the left. Customize effect in Properties.
Tilt Right Tilt media to the right. Customize effect in Properties.
Scale Up Scale the media up in size. This acts as a zoom in animation for the entire clip.
Scale Down Scale media down in size. This acts as a zoom out animation for the entire clip.
Scale to Fit Scales media up or down to fit the canvas dimensions.
Smart Focus

Camtasia Recorder's SmartFocus technology collects data about the actions completed and the cursor movement in the recording. SmartFocus predicts where to add zoom animations, saving you the time it takes to manually insert zoom and pan animations.

This option is only available in TREC recordings created by Camtasia Recorder. TREC is the default setting for the recorder.

To activate SmartFocus animations:

  1. Drag to clip on timeline.
  2. Choose Modify > SmartFocus:
    • Apply to Timeline (Windows only)
    • Apply to Selected Media

Working with Animations

To perform this action... Do this...

Select the animation on a clip or media, press Delete on keyboard.

Change duration
  • Drag either end of the animation out to extend the duration.
  • Drag either end of the animation in to shorten the duration.
Change location on clip or media Click the middle of the animation and drag to desired location.
Copy and paste to other location
  1. Right-click animation and select Copy.
  2. Move playhead on timeline to new location.
  3. Right-click on the media and select Paste.

Use Easing to Change the Effect

Easing determines the motion of the effect including how the effect begins and ends.

  1. To change the easing action, right-click an animation on the timeline, choose Enable Easing.
  2. Select the desired action from the menu.
Easing Action Effect
Auto Auto.gif
Exponential In/Out ExpoInOut.gif
Linear Linear.gif
Spring Spring.gif
Bounce Bounce.gif