Share Captures

Quickly share your images or videos using the Snagit outputs.

  1. In Snagit Editor, click to select a capture in the tray.
  2. Click the Share button and select an output.

Snagit disables the outputs that do not support the file format of the selected capture in the tray.

Default Outputs

Output Image Video

Save an image or video capture to a file location.

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Insert the image capture into a new email message.



Send the capture to an FTP server using file transfer protocol.

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Send the capture to another program. Select from a list of programs that support the capture’s file format.

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Copy the capture onto the Windows Clipboard for quick pasting into other locations or applications.



Send the image capture to a printer.


Microsoft Word

Insert the image capture into a Microsoft Word document. To customize the Microsoft Word output options, select Share button > Word dropdown > Options.


Microsoft PowerPoint

Insert the image capture into a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation slide. To customize the Microsoft PowerPoint output options, select Share button > PowerPoint dropdown > Options.


Microsoft Excel

Insert the image capture into a Microsoft Excel workbook. To customize the Microsoft Excel output options, select Share button > Excel dropdown > Options.


Upload an image or video onto for hosting. provides a URL for quick sharing or an embed code for adding the capture onto a website or blog. To customize the output options, select Share button > dropdown > Options.

If you are not currently logged into your TechSmith account, sign in or set up an account. See About TechSmith Accounts.

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Use Camtasia to:

  • Import still images or videos to use as source files in your Camtasia projects.
  • Enhance video captures recorded in Snagit with callouts, text, titles, captions, effects, and much more.

Snagit imports the MP4 video or image file into the Clip Bin in Camtasia.

You must have Camtasia version 7.0 or later installed to share captures using this output.

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TechSmith Relay

Upload an image or video to TechSmith Relay.

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Upload the video capture to your YouTube account. YouTube provides a URL for quick sharing to your audience or an embed code for embedding the capture on a website or blog.

YouTube resizes the video to fit within their standard dimensions. For best results, record at YouTube's recommended dimensions.


Google Drive

Upload the capture to Google Drive for image or video hosting. A link to the capture is copied to the Clipboard.

  1. If you have not previously logged into your Google account, the Connect with Google Drive dialog appears. Enter your email and password and click Sign in.
  2. Click Allow. The Send to Google Drive dialog appears.
  3. Enter a file name, select the folder to upload the capture to, and click Upload.

To customize the output, click the drop down menu next to Google Drive under Share and then choose Account or Options.

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Upload the capture to Dropbox for image or video hosting. A link to the capture is copied to the Clipboard.

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OneDrive for Business

Upload the capture to Microsoft OneDrive for Business to access it at any time across computers or devices.

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Download More Outputs

TechSmith has created several additional outputs you can download online. To download additional outputs,

  1. select Share > Properties icon > Output Preferences.
  2. Click on the sw13edit-addquickstyleicon.png at the bottom of the preferences window.

Remove an Output

  1. In Snagit Editor, select Share > Properties icon > Output Preferences.
  2. Select the output to remove and click the sw13edit-deleteouput.png button.