Translate Text

The Translate option helps you to quickly create images for multiple languages. Snagit extracts the source text from text annotations and callouts into a .xliff file to send to your translator. You can import the file into Snagit to automatically generate translated images.

Extract Text for Translation

Complete the following steps to extract text from text annotations and callouts to send for translation: 

  1. In the library, select .snag files with text annotations or callouts.
  2. Click the Translate button to extract the text for translation.
  3. In the Extract As field, enter a project name.
    Snagit tags the source files with a project name and a language tag so you can quickly locate the images in the library.
  4. Select a location to save the .xliff file.
  5. Click the Extract button.
  6. Send the .xliff file to your internal translator or localization vendor to add the target language translations.

Import Translations

After the text translations are added to the .xliff file, you can import the file into Snagit Editor to automatically generate the translated images.

  1. In Snagit Editor, select File > Import/Export > Import Translation.
  2. Select the .xliff file that contains the translations and click Open.
  3. Select the translated language from the dropdown and click OK.
  4. Snagit automatically generates the localized images based on the translations in the .xliff file. Snagit tags the translated images with a project name and a language tag so you can quickly locate the graphics in the library.

Review Translated Images

After importing the translated .xliff file into Snagit Editor, the Review Imported Translations dialog appears.

To review an item:

  1. Click an info, warning, or error message in the dialog to open the file on the canvas.
  2. Review and edit the .snag or .xliff file based on the message.
  3. Repeat for the next error or warning in the list.


Info messages provide additional information about the localized image.

Message User Action
No issues found. No action required.
Localized text updated with new translation.

There was a previous version of the localized image. Snagit updated the localized image with the new translation provided in the .xliff file.


Click the message to preview the changes on the canvas.


Warnings display items for you to review in the .snag or .xliff file.

Message User Action
Source text has changed since extract.

The text in the original file has changed since it was extracted for translation. The imported translation may be out-of-date.

Callout or text box missing from the original image.

The callout or text annotation has been deleted from the original image.


Click the message to preview the changes on the canvas.

Missing translated text for X items.
  1. Make sure the translation was added to the .xliff file.
  2. Update the .xliff file with the translations.
  3. Select File > Import/Export > Import Translation option and select the updated file.
Source file contains additional callouts.

Snagit detected new callouts or text annotations that were added to the .snagfile after the text was extracted.


Errors inform you if the import was not successful or if there are issues to troubleshoot.

Message User Action
Imported data is not valid.

To troubleshoot this issue, check the following items in the .xliff file:

  • Run the .xliff file through a validator to identify any invalid code.
  • Make sure the file adheres to the XLIFF version 2.0 specifications.
  • Remove the formatting when copying the translations into the .xliff file.
  • Verify that you added translations for each source text entry.


After updating the .xliff file, select File > Import/Export > Import Translation option to import the updated file.

Unable to create translation file.

Verify that you have sufficient permissions and disk space.

File Not Found. File may have been moved or deleted.

Snagit cannot find the original .snag file. The file may have been moved or deleted.