TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Server 5.1.4 Maintenance Release

TechSmith Relay version 5.1.4 maintenance release is a server update intended for all Self-Hosted Relay systems.  This release contains the following fixes to improve the performance and stability of the Relay Server and clients under the following circumstances:

  • Saving an account (via the plugin) with a new media folder no longer throws an error
  • Fixed an issue where some recordings were losing trimming
  • Fixed an issue where some unicode characters were being converted to question marks when using the FTP plugin
  • Fixed issues where some errors and popups associated with the recorder were blank
  • Fixed some issues that would cause the recorders to crash in rare situations
  • Fixed an issue on the Relay Recorder (Mac) where videos at certain resolutions would be skewed
  • Numerous other fixes and performance improvements for the server component and both recorders


  • Added support for Windows Server 2016


  • This will be the last version to support Windows Server 2008 R2
  • This will be the last version to support SQL Server 2008 R2

To download the Relay 5.1.4 Server Installer, click here.

 Note:  Relay Version 4.x customers must obtain a new Relay 5.x license prior to upgrading.  Please contact our sales team to obtain this updated license.