Snagit (Windows): Settings and Quick Styles Are Not Being Saved


Some changes were made within the settings and/or custom Quick Styles. However, when Snagit is opened again, all the settings and Quick Style changes are missing and have reverted back to default.


The settings will only save when Snagit is properly closed and by not a force closed or reboot. To be sure that the settings are saved, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Snagit.
  2. Change Snagit settings and/or Quick Styles.
  3. Select File > Exit Snagit Editor to close Snagit.     

    Tip: Close Snagit in System Tray


    Make sure Snagit is closed by checking the system tray for the Snagit icon. If it shows, right-click the icon and select Exit Snagit.

  4. Reopen Snagit and verify that the settings are retained.