Snagit Capture Preferences and Keyboard Shortcuts


Preferences allow you to apply custom settings for all image and video captures. To open the Snagit Preferences, select Snagit > Preferences. To learn more about the Preference tabs, view the following:

Locate information about the General and Advanced tabs under Snagit Editor Preferences and Shortcuts.
See Share Captures for more information on the Outputs Tab.

Capture Tab

Option Description
Hide Snagit when capturing Minimize Snagit during capture.

Show video countdown

Displays a three second countdown before starting the video recording.
Show quick controls in fullscreen recordings Displays the Webcam button and Pause button in the bottom right corner of the screen during a fullscreen video recording.
Scrolling capture This option only appears when Snagit's scrolling capture is disabled. Click the Enable button to install additional options to improve Snagit's scrolling capture capabilities.
Downsample Retina video recordings

Scales down Retina video recordings. It is recommended to enable this option.


If video quality is a concern, you may want to consider disabling this option. When disabled, the text and graphics appear crisper, but the video may result in larger file sizes and dimensions.

Automatically start video recording

Automatically start the video recording after selecting the video recording area.


By default, this option is disabled. You must click the Record button to start the recording.

System Audio Component The TechSmith Audio Capture Component allows you to record system audio (the sound from your computer speakers) during a video capture.
Camera Select a built-in or connected camera device for recording camera video.
Microphone Select a built-in or connected audio device for recording microphone audio.
Input Level Measures the audio level for the selected microphone audio device.

Keyboard Tab

You can change the following default keyboard shortcuts:

  • All-in-One Capture (Shift-Control-C)
  • Image Capture (Shift-Control-S)
  • Video Capture (Shift-Control-V)
  • Window (Expose) Capture (Shift-Control-W)
  • Menu Capture (Shift-Control-E)
  • Pause/Resume Recording (Control-Shift-Space)
  • Repeat Last Capture (Shift-Control-R)

Change a Default Keyboard Shortcut

  1. Select Snagit > Preferences > Keyboard tab.
  2. Click the keyboard shortcut button.
  3. Press the desired key combination on the keyboard.

The new keyboard shortcut appears in the field.

Capture Keyboard Shortcuts

The keyboard shortcuts for common commands are also listed in the menus. 

Image Keyboard Shortcuts

Option Keyboard Shortcut
Global Capture Control-Shift-C
Video Selection Guides G
Magnifier M
Cancel Caputre Esc
Hide Capture Help H
Capture Fullscreen F
Capture Multiple Regions Hold the Command key
Scroll Horizontally R
Scroll Vertically D
Scroll Diagonally X
Image Capture Shift-Control-S
Expose (Window) Capture Shift-Control-W
Menu Capture Shift-Control-E
Repeat Last Capture Shift-Control-R

Video Keyboard Shortcuts

Option Keyboard Shortcut
Video Capture Control-Shift-V
Start Recording Control-Shift-Space
Pause/Resume Recording Control-Shift-Space
Stop Recording Control-Shift-V
Repeat Last Capture Shift-Control-R