Introduction to Snagit Editor

Use Snagit Editor to preview, edit, and share your captures.

Open Snagit Editor

Click the Open Editor button in the Capture window.

Snagit Editor Overview



View and organize your capture history.

See Introduction to Library.



Working area to preview and edit captures.

See Resize Canvas.

Tips for Working on the Canvas

  • To edit moveable objects on the canvas at a later time, save images as a SNAGPROJ file.
  • Drag one of the handles on the edge of an image to create more working space on the canvas.
  • The checkerboard pattern on the canvas represents transparent areas in an image. To keep transparency, save the image to a file format that supports transparency (CUR, GIF, ICO, PNG, TIF, or .SNAGPROJ).


Click to select an editing tool. Annotate, edit, and enhance image captures. You can customize the order and tools available in the toolbar.

See Edit with Tools.



Host or share captures to social media or other apps.

See Share Captures.


Quick Styles

Apply or save custom-made styles.

See Quick Styles and Themes.



Adjust the properties to customize a tool.

See Edit with Tools.


Effects Panel

Click the Effects button to view the image effects available.

See Add Effects.

8red.png Recent Captures Tray

The tray shows the recent image captures, video captures, and other files opened or edited in Snagit Editor. The thumbnail selected in the tray appears on the canvas in Snagit Editor.



To view additional recent captures, click the Library button at the top of Snagit Editor.


Save a Capture

Snagit automatically saves any unsaved captures as a SNAGPROJ file. An orange sunburst appears on the thumbnail when there are unsaved changes. To save the changes, select File > Save or Save As.


The file format displays on the lower right corner of the thumbnail.

Remove a Capture from the Tray

Snagit automatically saves your capture history to the library including any files opened or edited in Snagit Editor. Click the Close icon on a thumbnail to remove it from the tray.


Removing the item from the tray does not delete the file. Click the Library button to find and open the item.

Delete a Capture

To permanently delete a file, right-click on the thumbnail in the tray or in the library and select Delete.


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