Snagit Editor Preferences and Hotkeys


To open the Snagit Editor Preferences, select Snagit Editor > Edit > Editor Preferences. To learn more about the Snagit Editor options, view the following:

General Tab

Options Description

Show OneClick

Displays the quick capture options as a tab at the top of the screen.

Hover the cursor over the minimized bar to expand the window.

Click and drag to move OneClick to a different edge of your screen.

Snagit theme

Choose between the two Snagit interface color themes: Light or Dark

Show me onboarding Disables the initial capture GIF and turns off onboarding light indicator in the upper-right corner of Snagit Editor.
Send anonymous usage data

Send anonymous data on Snagit usage to help TechSmith improve future versions.

If enabled, set Banner notifications permissions:

  • Don't show notifications
  • Only show me help notifications- personalized recommendations of Snagit features
  • Show me help and promotional notifications- also receive news about events such as training webinars

Editor Tab

Options Description
Editor background color

Select the canvas background color.

If you are having trouble viewing your capture, change the background color to increase the contrast between the application and the capture previewed on the canvas.
Recent files thumbnail size Select the size of the capture thumbnails in the Recent Captures Tray.
Automatically expand the canvas to fit objects Automatically increase the size of an image when pasting or dragging objects outside of the current image.
Escape key closes Editor

Set the hotkey to close Snagit Editor to the Escape key.

This option is disabled by default.

Or select File > Exit Snagit Editor to exit.
Show cursor quick style popup Display a preview of the tool style next to the cursor on the canvas.
Show Toolbar Labels Choose to display icons and text labels or icons only in the Snagit Editor toolbar.

Outputs Tab

Options Description
Disable image transparency on clipboard

Remove transparent areas from image copied to the clipboard.

Some application, such as web-based email, may not support transparency in pasted images.

Paste images as HTML for Outlook Express Paste images into Outlook Express using HTML to allow the image to display correctly.
Embed images when sending email (Outlook / Outlook Express only)

Snagit inserts the image directly into the body of an email message.

Embedding images requires the email client to use the HTML format.

When disabled, this option attaches the image to an email message.

Library Tab

Options Description
Maximum recent files Enter the maximum number of captures to display at a time in the Recent Captures Tray. Enter a number 1-15.
Automatically save new image captures in the Library By default, Snagit automatically saves new captures in the library. If this option is disabled, any unsaved captures are closed and deleted when you close Snagit.
Automatically save new video captures in the Library By default, Snagit automatically saves new captures in the library. If this option is disabled, any unsaved captures are closed and deleted when you close Snagit.
Prompt before deleting files Display a message prompt before deleting files in Snagit.
Remove all items from the tray when closing Editor Tray items are removed and the tray is empty when Editor opens again.
Library location By default, the library files are located in this folder: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\TechSmith\SnagIt\DataStore\. To change the location, click the Browse button.

Advanced Tab

Options Description
Always keep Editor running in the background Snagiteditor.exe remains running in Windows Task Manager even if you close Snagit Editor. Enabling this option allows captures to open more quickly.
Delete cropped content

Automatically delete the content cropped out of an image.

Automatically flatten pasted images

In Snagit Editor, you can edit any objects on the canvas that have not been flattened. Once an object has been flattened it is a permanent part of the image and cannot be edited.

Mobile Sharing

Add a mobile device under File > Connect Mobile Device to enable this option and allow image and video sharing between the mobile device and Snagit. See Import Captures from a Mobile Device.

  • Keep original image dimensions: Snagit automatically resizes mobile images for better viewing in Snagit Editor. Enable this option to import mobile images at the original dimensions.
  • Connection Name: TechSmith Fuse remembers each connection and allows you to choose which instance of Snagit to send the mobile images or videos. You can customize the name of each connection to be sure you are sending the files to the correct computer running Snagit.


Snagit Editor Hotkeys

Option Keyboard Hotkey
New Image CTRL+N
New Image from Clipboard CTRL+SHIFT+N
Close ALT+F4
Close Current Capture



Print CTRL+P
Paste CTRL+V
Delete CTRL+Delete
Select All CTRL+A
Bring Forward CTRL+SHIFT+F
Bring Backward CTRL+SHIFT+B

Draw a Perfect Square or Circle

Move or Draw an Object In a Line

Hold the Shift key while dragging.
Duplicate CTRL+D
Flatten CTRL+T
Flatten All CTRL+SHIFT+T
Actual Size CTRL+0
Zoom In CTRL+Plus
Zoom Out CTRL+Minus
Open Help F1

Toolbar Hotkeys

Hotkeys are assigned to the first ten positions in the Snagit Editor toolbar.


Press CTRL+1 through CTRL+9 to use the toolbar position hotkeys.