Snagit Editor Preferences and Shortcuts


Preferences allow you to apply custom Snagit Editor settings. To open the Snagit Preferences, select Snagit > Preferences. To learn more about the Preference tabs, view the following:

Locate information about the Capture and Keyboard tabs under Snagit Capture Preferences and Shortcuts.
See Share Captures for more information on the Outputs Tab.

General Tab

Option Description
Always keep Snagit running in the background Keep Snagit running in the background to start a capture at anytime.

Snagit Shows

Choose the display for the capture options. Capture window is the default display.

  • Capture Window: Displays the capture options from a window in the menu bar. The Capture window provides options for both quick and customized capture.
  • OneClick Tab: Displays the quick capture options as a tab on the upper-right side of the screen. The quick capture options display when you hover the cursor over the blur bar.
  • Capture Window & OneClick Tab: Displays the capture options in the menu bar and as a tab on the side of the screen.
Editor color theme Choose between the two Snagit interface color themes: Light or Dark
Send anonymous usage information

Send anonymous data on Snagit usage to help TechSmith improve future versions.

If enabled, set Banner notifications permissions:

  • Don't show notifications
  • Only show me help notifications: Personalized recommendations of Snagit features
  • Show me help and promotional notifications: Also receive news about events such as training webinars
Automatically check for updates Automatically check or download the latest version of Snagit when connected to the Internet.

Advanced Tab

Option Description
Scale down retina images when sharing

If you open an image captured on a Retina display on a regular monitor, the capture appears twice as large as the same content captured on a regular monitor. This option scales down retina image captures when you:

  • Share an image with Snagit outputs.
  • Drag images from Snagit Editor into another location.

If you frequently switch between sharing the original image and sharing the scaled down image, hold the Shift key when dragging the image from Snagit into another location. Holding the Shift key when dragging pastes an image opposite of the default behavior selected for this option. For example, if this option is enabled, holding the Shift key pastes an image of the original size captured.

Always create new canvas at this size


Sets the default image dimensions when you select File > New Image (Command-N). If you enable this option, the dialog to enter custom dimensions for a new image will not open.

Always use black and white menu bar icon Select this option if you do not want to display the red Snagit menu bar icon when recording a video capture.
Autosave location

Unsaved image captures are stored as .snagproj files and video captures as .mp4 files in:
User name/Documents/Snagit/Autosaved Captures.

Click the Choose button to select another location.

Drag and paste format Set the default file format when dragging captures from Snagit Editor into another application or location.
Turn On/Off Mobile Sharing

You can import images and videos from a mobile device into Snagit Editor. Turn on this option to allow sharing between a mobile device and Snagit. See Import Captures from a Mobile Device.

  • Keep original image dimensions: Snagit automatically resizes mobile images for better viewing in Snagit Editor. Enable this option to import mobile images at the original dimensions.
  • Connection Name: TechSmith Fuse remembers each connection and allows you to choose which instance of Snagit to send the mobile images or videos. You can customize the name of each connection to be sure you are sending the files to the correct computer running Snagit.
  • Port: Port number for connecting TechSmith Fuse to Snagit.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The keyboard shortcuts for common commands are also listed in the menus. 

Snagit Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

Option Keyboard Shortcut
Open Editor Command-Shift-E
Enter Full Screen Command-Control-F
Open Preferences Command-comma
Hide Snagit Command-H
Quit Snagit Command-Q
New Image Command-N
New from Clipboard Shift-Command-N
Open Command-O
Close Snagit Command-W
Close Capture Shift-Command-W
Close All Option-Command-W
Save Command-S
Save As Shift-Command-S
Save All Option-Command-S
Print Command-P
Undo Command-Z
Redo Shift-Command-Z
Cut Command-X
Copy Command-C
Copy All Option-Command-C
Paste Command-V
Duplicate Shift-Command-D
Delete Delete key
Select All Command-A
Deselect All Command-D
Invert Selection Shift-Command-I
Jump to Next Frame Right arrow
Jump to Previous Frame Left arrow
Jump to Beginning Command-Return
Jump to End Shift-Command-Return

Draw a Perfect Square or Circle

Move or Draw an Object In a Line

Hold the Shift key while dragging.
Crop to Canvas Command-K
Trim Shift-Command-X
Flatten Shift-Command-T
Flatten All Control-Shift-T
Actual Size Command-0
Zoom to Fit Shift-Command-0
Zoom In Command-plus
Zoom Out Command-minus
Resize Image Shift-Command-R
Rotate Image Command-R
Switch to Library Command-1
Show/Hide Effects panel Command-2
Show/Hide Properties Command-3
Show/Hide Recent Captures Tray Option-Command-T
Next Capture in Tray Command-[
Previous Capture in Tray Command-]
Open Share History Option-Shift-S

Tool Keyboard Shortcuts

Option Keyboard Shortcut
Arrow and Line Control-A
Text Control-T
Callout Control-D
Shape Control-U
Fill Control-F
Stamp Control-I
Crop Control-C
Selection Control-L
Magic Wand Control-W
Cut Out Control-X
Pen Control-P
Highlighter Control-H
Step Control-S
Eraser Control-E
Blur Control-B
Move Control-V
Magnify Control-M