TechSmith Relay (Hosted): Supported File Formats for Web Upload


When you use the Upload Media option in your TechSmith Relay library...'s expected that you're uploading "web-ready" videos and images. If you have media that is not web-ready, or are otherwise having difficulty uploading media, you should instead use the TechSmith Relay Recorder to upload the files. Files uploaded with the TechSmith Relay Recorder will be re-encoded by your TechSmith Relay server to make them more web-friendly.  

What is "Web-Ready"?

For video files, TechSmith Relay supports:

  • H.264 MP4 files only*
  • Less than 4GB
  • Resolution no higher than 1080p
  • Frame rate no higher than 60fps
  • AAC audio

*Non H.264 encoded MP4 files may be uploaded, but are not supported. As a result, they may fail to process.

For image files:

  • Please upload PNG, JPG, or GIF files only, with a minimum height and width of 200 pixels. 

Upload Error/Violations Key

Here's a screenshot of an example file upload error:

If you receive an error similar to the above in your upload list and would like to know exactly why the file failed, please refer to the error code explanations that follow (error codes are in bold).

  • FileData = file is not truly the extension file-type (i.e. the .png you sent was a .doc renamed or with the .png extension)
  • FileExtension = file is not .mp4, .png, .jpg, .jpeg, or .gif file extension
  • FileSize = the size of the file was greater than 4GB
  • MaxAudioSampleRate (video only) = the audio sample rate was greater than 193 kHz (i.e. 352.8 khz)
  • MaxFrameRate (video only) = the framerate was greater than 60 fps
  • MaxHeight (video only) = the height of the video is greater than 1080 pixels
  • MaxVideoBitRate (video only) = the video bitrate was too high
  • MinWidth (image only) = the width of the image was less than 200 pixels
  • MinHeight (image only) = the height of the image is less than 200 pixels
  • SupportedAudioCodec (video only) = the audio stream is not in the AAC format
  • SupportedMajorBrand (video only) = the 'major brand' tag of the video MP4 file wrapper was not of type "mp42", "qt", "isom", or "m4v"
  • SupportedProfile (video only) = the video profile is not "constrained baseline", "baseline", "high", or "main" (
  • SupportedVideoCodec (video only) = the video was not H.264

If you're not sure how to resolve these errors, try uploading the files with the TechSmith Relay Recorder instead. The TechSmith Relay recorder has fewer file upload restrictions and will submit uploaded files to the encoding server if necessary. 

Converting Unsupported Video File Formats

For unsupported video file formats (WMV, AVI, etc.), please convert the files to MP4 before uploading. Below is a link to download Handbrake, a free media conversion tool, and a video showing the steps necessary to create an MP4 that can be uploaded directly to the TechSmith Relay website.

Download for Handbrake: Handbrake Website

Quick Video tutorial on how to use Handbrake: