Snagit (Mac): High Sierra 10.13 Causes .snagproj's to Be Washed Out


All .snagproj files created in Snagit (Mac) 4.1.5 and earlier appear washed out after updating to High Sierra (OS 10.13). All the captures that are in the Recent Captures Tray, Snagit Library, or .snagproj files saved elsewhere are at risk of becoming washed out after updating to High Sierra. When an image is opened, it appears washed out.



Snagit (Mac) 4

Update to Snagit (Mac) 4.1.7. Follow the steps below to update to the newer version:

  1. Click Snagit.
  2. Select Snagit > Check for Updates.

Snagit (Mac) 3

While Snagit (Mac) 3 is not supported on macOS 10.12 or later (see full list here), TechSmith has created a custom tool to repair any broken .snagproj files. Follow the steps below to repair your .snagproj files:

  1. Close Snagit. Make sure it is not running in the Menu Bar or the Dock.
  2. Download the custom tool.
  3. On the dock, click Finder.
  4. Click Downloads.
  5. Double-click the zip file.
  6. Double-click the
  7. Drag the .snagproj files from Finder into the window.
    The default location for Snagit captures is ~/Documents/Snagit/Autosaved Captures/

  8. Once complete, close the and return to Snagit.

What is causing this?

In Mac OS 10.12 and earlier, image metadata was not correctly being saved by the operating system. The operating system would then display images off of that bad data, however they would look correct. This has been fixed in High Sierra, however the problem remains that old captures will still have the bad metadata and appear washed out. We believe Apple introduced another bug in 10.13 that prevents Snagit from changing the metadata, like we are able to in 10.12. We are working with Apple to see if there is a possible fix for this.