Camtasia (Mac): macOS High Sierra 10.13 & the TechSmith System Audio Component

If you are on macOS High Sierra 10.13 please update to Camtasia 3.1.1. You can do so by going to Camtasia 3>Check for Updates.


Apple released macOS High Sierra 10.13 on 9/25/2017. With some changes in High Sierra, Camtasia is encountering a few bugs. Our current known issues are listed below that have not been fixed in Camtasia 3.1.1.

  • Cannot record System Audio:
    • You will not be able to record system audio if you are installing Camtasia 3 for the first time on your machine running 10.13 High Sierra without doing the following: 
      1. Install the Camtasia System Audio Component *You will automatically be prompted to do so if you attempt to turn on system audio in the Camtasia recorder
      2. Click the Install button to install the TechSmith Audio Capture Component.


      3. Once installed, click the Open Security & Privacy button:


      4. Click on Allow and then enter your computer password:



      5. Try recording system audio in Camtasia. *It may ask you to install the system audio portion again. If so, let it install and then try recording system audio with Camtasia.  


  • Device preview takes too long to appear in recorder:
    • Each time an iOS device is selected in the recorder, it can take 10-15 seconds for the preview to appear. 


  • Recording region reverts to screen region after iOS device recording:
    • When making multiple iOS device recordings, the recorder's region selection option reverts to a screen option after recording a device instead of keeping the previous iOS selection. It should keep the device recording selection.
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