Getting Started With Screencasting



A screencast is a video recording of a computer’s desktop. Most screencasts include audio narration that explains to viewers what they’re seeing. Screencasts often take the form of software demonstrations, quick how-to videos, professional tutorials, or even full presentations. Used in almost every industry to share information, they’re a great way to make pertinent information or class content available to the people that need it.

Creating a Screencast works especially well with our screen capture and screen recording software products Snagit and Camtasia. Create screencasts, videos, or images in Snagit or Camtasia, send them straight to folders in your library, and immediately receive the URL to share with colleagues, customers, students, and anyone else.

Screencasting With Snagit

Snagit allows you to capture and edit screenshots and record one-take videos of your screen and your webcam. After recording a video, you can make quick in-line edits, cutting out mistakes or unnecessary parts of your video. Then you can share right to and receive a link for sharing. Download a free 15-day trial and then check out some of the tutorials to get started.

Screencasting With Camtasia

Camtasia offers a robust screen recorder and professional video editor. It is used for quick screencasts, professional tutorials, software demonstrations, and even lecture capture. With Camtasia, you can add quizzes, interactivity, audio tracks, title slides, transitions, animations, and much more to your videos. The software is both an excellent screencast tool and a full fledged video editor. Just like Snagit, you can try it out with a 30-day free trial and use our tutorials to get started creating videos.


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