(Camtasia Mac) Camtasia is not remembering software key


When opening Camtasia, the application asks for the software key every time.



The most common cause of this issue is that Camtasia is not able to create the folder to store the Software key information (folder is normally located under "/users/shared/TechSmith/Camtasia". The best way to fix this is by creating the folder that is needed to apply the software key. Here are the instructions for adding the Camtasia folder under "/users/shared/TechSmith/Camtasia":


  • Close Camtasia
  • Go to Finder, and select Go (tab)>Go to Folder...
  • In the section that says "Go to the Folder:" paste the following: 


  • Hit Go
  • In the TechSmith Folder, create a new folder, and name it "Camtasia"
  • Re-open Camtasia, and put the software key in once more


Here is a quick video of the process:



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