Snagit (Mac) 4 Version History

14 November, 2017: Snagit v4.1.8

  • Improved scrolling capture for the Firefox browser.
  • macOS High Sierra [10.13] New presets were not updating properly when adding via the capture window.
  • Fixed an issue renaming themes that contained specialized German characters.
  • Added a progress bar when saving a video.
  • Various other bug fixes and performance improvements.

20 September, 2017: Snagit v4.1.7

  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

19 September, 2017: Snagit v4.1.6

  • Improved support for macOS High Sierra
  • Processes all captures to maintain color spaces in preparation for High Sierra
  • Fixed an issue where using arrow keys to adjust selection would not work properly
  • Fixed an issue where Outputs were missing and could not be re-added
  • Fixed the Firefox add-on for in web-browser Scrolling Captures
  • Fixed a save issue which prevented Snagit from saving a document or replace existing
  • Improved the reliability of Undo/Redo
  • Various video editing improvements
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

20 June, 2017: Snagit v4.1.5

  • Added messaging about not sharing to YouTube if you don't have a YouTube channel set
  • Fixed crash when cancelling during sign-in to YouTube
  • Fixed crash when cancelling or closing Snagit while trying to sign-in to Google Drive
  • Fixed issue where the last file location wasn't being remembered for Batch Export, Import Stamps and Save options
  • Upgraded the Dropbox API which will require user sign in again
  • Fixed issue where pasting images to MS Office documents from Outputs failed
  • Improved reliability and responsiveness when sharing to
  • Fixed issue causing Snagit not to appear in the Applications folder
  • Fixed issue that would cause longer MP4 files not to playback in QuickTime Player
  • Fixed issues where cropping couldn't be undone or canceled
  • Fixed issue where Finder didn't open after clicking on File Notifications
  • Fixed issue preventing captures saved outside of Library from being shared
  • Fixed issue requiring mouse movement to display Close button in Image Tray
  • Made opening Outputs in Preferences faster
  • Fixed crash that could occur during undo after resizing a text box
  • Made web URLs in the Get Info view clickable

9 May, 2017: Snagit v4.1.4

  • Changes to the trial process
  • Re-enable sharing to multiple YouTube accounts
  • Improvements to the sign in workflow
  • Fix for some auto-filled selections not being saved
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

18 April, 2017: Snagit v4.1.3

  • Logging into Snagit and the outputs for Google Drive, YouTube, Screencast, and Relay will now send you to your default browser instead of a sheet in Snagit
  • Can now filter by “Untagged” in the Library
  • Can now align a single selected object on the canvas
  • Double clicking on video play head will collapse your selection
  • Can now share a portion of your video without cutting
  • Fixed some crashes related to Magic Wand and auto filling selections
  • Printing a capture with Capture Info turned on will now have the correct information
  • Fixed a crash on start up
  • Temporarily removed the ability to import and share to OneDrive for Business
  • Improved the energy usage of SnagitHelper
  • Improved the interaction working with Custom Stamps
  • Improved performance when using QuickLook on Snagit captures
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

14 March, 2017: Snagit v4.1.2

  • Repeat Last Capture - Capture the same part of your screen with the same settings
  • Added more FTP custom code variables
  • Duplicate in the recents tray now behaves like finder
  • Highlighter now has an opacity slider
  • Mac pen tool now has anti-alias and vector toggles
  • Added a Transparent color option for Text outline
  • Added a Hotkey for toggling webcam during recording
  • Fixed an issue preventing images coming from Google docs into Snagit
  • Various fixes to Theme naming and management
  • Various fixes to auto-fill background selections
  • Improved performance with loading the library view
  • Improved performance at the start of captures
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

07 February, 2017: Snagit v4.1.1

  • Fixed a "Copy All" truncation in the German user interface
  • Fixed a crash when drawing a text object
  • Fixed an issue with YouTube Shares not appearing in Share History
  • Fixed an issue where player controls would disappear when you open and then close the recent tray
  • Added support for more FTP custom code variables
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

24 January, 2017: Snagit v4.1.0

  • Shared Styles / Themes
  • Switch between sets of quick styles and colors in the color picker
  • Define multiple sets of quick styles per tool and share those sets with other users within an organization
  • Background Auto-Fill
  • Updated selection tool to automatically fill the backgrounds after moving or deleting content from your captures
  • Allows you to easily change around or remove objects from screenshots without having to recapture
  • Magic Wand
  • Select a point and adjust the tolerance to select like colors
  • Works with Background Auto-fill
  • Translation Workflow
  • Extract text from callouts and text markup within Snagit and get the text translated by exchanging an XLIFF file
  • Capture Info
  • Take any capture and automatically add on the application name, version number, when it was captured and on what OS
  • Panoramic capture now in the All-in-one workflow
  • Performance enhancements

29 November, 2016: Snagit v4.0.7

  • Fixes to telemetry data

25 October, 2016: Snagit v4.0.6

  • Snagit no longer crashes during a 64-bit PowerPoint recording
  • Snagit no longer crashes deleting a preset shape in Quick Styles
  • Sharing via the TechSmith Relay output, is now uploading properly
  • Undo all now properly works with Effects, after an application restart
  • #mac Tweets now load properly in the “Current news" section of onboarding
  • Improved support for macOS 10.12
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

13 September, 2016: Snagit v4.0.5

  • Sharing FTP output Improvements
  • [macOS 10.10] Improvements for the Crop workflow while zooming
  • Effects popovers no longer stay on screen during capture
  • Fixed an issue where Copy / Paste with a Callout was losing its shadow property
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate Image documents did not have the same tags, as the original
  • Fixed an issue where the canvas would clear cancelling multiple cutouts
  • Fixed an issue where the Onboarding orb prevented Snagit from quitting
  • Improved editor resizing with large images
  • Improved support for the upcoming macOS 10.12 release
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

13 July, 2016: Snagit v4.0.4

  • FTP output has a copy URL to clipboard option
  • Improved support for upcoming Mac OS release
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

28 June, 2016: Snagit v4.0.3

  • Fixed a crash when users attempted to remove a Quick style from the export view.
  • Fixed an issue where the preferences window would reopen after every capture.
  • Fixed an issue with the Magnify tool where sometimes it would not capture.
  • Fixed an issue where certain JPEG's were not being opened.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate Stamps folder caused the Snagit editor to become unresponsive.
  • Snagit Library now creates a separate .plist file for storing capture tagging and application data.
  • "Always keep Snagit running in the background" checkbox is now respected, by ensuring launch at login is registered properly following an upgrade.
  • Various other bug fixes and performance improvements.

15 June, 2016: Snagit v4.0.1

  • Fixed an issue where the Delay Capture feature was initiating, even if the user option was not toggled on
  • Fixed an issue where Pending Captures where not being opened immediately following an upgrade to Snagit for Mac version 4.x, from version 3.x
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate on a GIF caused Snagit to become unusable
  • Fixed an issue where users could not quit Snagit, when recording webcam preview was fixed to the center of the screen
  • Capture window now respects the users settings in Capture preferences
  • Image size changes are now being respected when Effects are present
  • Improved FTP setup instructions
  • Improved the customized Toolbar performance
  • Saving a video with edits, is now significantly faster
  • Various Bug fixes and other performance improvements

07 June, 2016: Snagit v4.0.0

  • New design for capture
  • Updated ability to start a capture from within the editor
  • New streamlined way to create capture presets
  • Panoramic capture
  • Capture tall, wide, or infinitely scrolling content using this innovative scrolling capture method
  • Redesigned side panel for changing properties and effects
  • Tools
  • New crop tool
  • New text tool
  • Color picker
  • New magnify tool
  • New Library
  • Browse, search, organize, and tag captures
  • Batch export images
  • General/Share
  • Launch a capture from within Editor
  • Light and dark theme editor and capture window
  • New Share History
  • Ability to add share destinations to the toolbar
  • Improve performance when dealing with images on the canvas
  • Improve performance when zooming
  • Outlined text
  • New callout shapes
  • New and updated stamps
  • Webcam
  • Ability to record webcam video while preserving Snagit’s real-time encoding
  • Toggle between webcam and screen video during recording
  • All built-in webcams and standard USB webcams will be supported
  • Animated GIF
  • Create a GIF from a video recording
  • Presets and custom GIF settings available
  • Option to "Fade to Black" on GIF start and end
  • Make GIF from a selection of a video
  • Saving and sharing via outputs to any destination that supports animated GIF.
  • Supports image capture on 5K monitors
  • Higher frame rates
  • Option to keep full retina dimensions
  • Easier video editing
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