Snagit (Windows): Cursor is not being captured


The capture cursor setting is enabled, yet the cursor never shows up in the final capture.


This is a known issue on Windows 7 that we are looking into. This is not a problem on Windows 8 or Windows 10 machines.

Workaround 1

Install Snagit 13 along side Snagit 2018 (both can be installed on the same machine), and use Snagit 13 to capture the cursor. You can use your Snagit 2018 license key to unlock Snagit 13, which can be downloaded here.

Workaround 2

Use a cursor Stamp.

  1. Select the stamp tool.
  2. Select the Accents category.
  3. Select the desired cursor, and then click on your capture to draw the cursor.


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