Snagit (Mac): Snagit Could Not Open a Pending Capture. Exception Caught While Opening Image Capture File.


When trying to take a capture in Snagit (Mac) 2018, the following error appears: Snagit could not open a pending capture. Exception caught while opening image capture file.



This is a known issue that we hope to fix in a future release. We have found that the problem seems to be isolated to a specific preset(s). Please use one of the workarounds below to resolve the problem.

Option 1: Open Preset Section

These steps need to be done each time Snagit is relaunched.

  1. Open the Snagit capture window, and expand the Presets section.
  2. Click gear icon on the affected preset, and select Edit.
  3. Close the window without making any changes.
  4. Try a new capture with the preset.

Option 2: Remove and Add Preset

Remove the affected preset, and recreate it.