Camtasia (Windows): Unable to start Camtasia. "EditorInterop.dll" is missing


Unable to start Camtasia.  "EditorInterop.dll" or one of its dependencies is missing from  your computer. Try reinstalling Camtasia to fix this issue.


This issue has been resolved in version 9.0.4 which can be installed from here.

If you are unable to update the steps below will also resolve the issue.

  1. Go to this webpage: Microsoft C Runtime Pack 
  2. Scroll down to the Method 2: Microsoft Download Center section
  3. Find the proper x64 based version for your operating system and click the corresponding blue Download the Package now button
  4. Install the package you just downloaded and then restart your computer
  5. Try opening Camtasia again. If you still get the same message, re-install Camtasia.