Camtasia (Windows): The following files failed to produce


We're Sorry! An error has occurred. The following files failed to produce. _config.xml config_xml.js


This issue has been resolved in version 9.0.4 and later.  You can install the latest version of Camtasia 9 from here.

If you cannot update the steps below should resolve the issue.

  1. Close Camtasia all the way down.  
  2. Then browse to this folder.
  3. C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Camtasia Studio\Custom Production Presets 9.0
  4. Delete all the xml files that are in that directory (make copies if you have custom ones you do not want to re create).
  5. When you restart Camtasia the default presets will automatically get put back in that folder and should then work when producing.