TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Server 5.1.5 Maintenance Release

TechSmith Relay version 5.1.5 maintenance release is a server update intended for all Self-Hosted Relay systems.  This release contains the following fixes to improve the performance and stability of the Relay Server and clients under the following circumstances:


Relay Server: 

  • Fix issues with Self Hosted email notification with multiple line breaks in source XMP title 

  • Fixed issues with XML metadata file date format changed from culture specific to neutral in 5.1.0

  • Fixed issues with Fuse videos fail to encode

  • Fixed issues with Relay not being able to generate charts when locale is different than US English 

  • Fixed issues with not being able to share from Relay to SFTP after updating version of OpenSSH

  • Fixed issues with videos from iOS (iPad) have their audio stripped and aspect ratio screwed up 

  • Fixed issues with upgrade from 5.1.2 prevents publishing to Amazon S3 destinations

Windows Recorder:

  • Fixed issues with not being able to change volume while viewing preview or test video

  • Fixed issues with remember me not work for users with Unicode characters in Windows username

  • Fixed issues with batch upload file explorer lists *.mov as valid type

  • Updated Recorder to only allow media with codecs tscc, tsc2, wmv3, or h264 to batch upload

  • Fixed issues with windows recorders not being able to check for updates

Mac Recorder:

  • Fixed issues with update showing on initial connection screen when it should not

  • Updated portable recorder so should it not allow login until submit

  • Fixed crash event dealing with update icon

  • Fixed app store prompt when server url is empty string

  • Update to prevent login if server unreachable

  • Disabled system audio checkbox if kext not installed 

  • Update to notify users that they have to allow the kext in 10.13 

  • Fixed crash when logging in via offline cache on self-hosted servers

  • Updated Recorder to only allow media with codecs tscc, tsc2, wmv3, or h264 to batch upload


  • Added support for macOS 10.13

To download the Relay 5.1.5 Server Installer, click here.

 Note:  Relay Version 4.x customers must obtain a new Relay 5.x license prior to upgrading.  Please contact our sales team to obtain this updated license.