Administrative Change Log for Snagit Windows

This article is highlights important changes in Snagit that are directly relevant to IT administrators and Software Packaging experts tasked with maintaining and deploying Snagit to their user base. To view release notes (for end users), click here.


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7 December 2021 Snagit 2022.0.0

Cloud Library

  • Save your entire Snagit Library to the cloud for easy access between computers and automatic backup. The specific destination is up to you – we support Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, and Box.

Cross-Platform File Format

  • The new .snagx file format replaces historic platform-specific .snag (Windows) and .snagproj (Mac) formats. Snagx is cross-platform compatible, so individuals and teams who use both Windows and Mac computers can open, edit, and share files with ease!

Video Improvements

  • Snagit 2022 features a more stable video engine, improved audio and video syncing, and compatibility with a larger variety of webcams.

Enhanced Tooltips

  • Snagit 2022 includes easy-to-understand explainer animations. These video tooltips meet busy users where they are, offering help to improve existing Snagit workflows and opportunities to discover previously overlooked tools.

Performance Improvements

  • Browse your capture Library twice as fast.
  • Snagit Editor starts up faster

21 September, 2021: Snagit 2021.4.4

  • Fixed an issue where Google Drive was dropping a connection when sharing
  • Updated the Dropbox sharing destination to comply with upcoming changes to Dropbox’s API
  • Fixed an issue where users weren’t getting a Getting Started email when starting a trial
  • Fixed a security issue where opening a maliciously crafted .tscplugin file could result in arbitrary code execution. Thanks to Justin Steven for reporting this issue

28 July, 2021: Snagit 2021.4.3

  • Updates to Snagit’s video recording engine for stability and performance
  • Fixed several issues that would lead to user encountering a “Unable to start Snagit” dialog
  • Fixed issues when using Snagit Editor that led to a “An unhandled exception was encountered during a user callback” error
  • Improved the localization of the Video from Images workflow
  • Further improved the customization of the first run experience when deploying Snagit in an enterprise
  • Recording video with a webcam in a Citrix environment improved via registry flag
  • Other bug fixes, performance updates

22 June, 2021: Snagit 2021.4.2

  • Fixed a crash that could occur for some users when trying to manually install a newer version of Snagit while Snagit currently is running
  • Fixed a crash that could occur with certain enterprise deployment settings turned off

25 May, 2021: Snagit 2021.4.1

  • Fixed an issue where upgrading from a previous Snagit 2021 release would overwrite many user preferences
  • Fixed a security issue where some registry keys created by Snagit could be manipulated by an unprivileged user. Thanks to Justin Steven for reporting this issue.

18 May, 2021: Snagit 2021.4.0

  • Authentication improvements. Users who share to TechSmith web services such as Screencast or Knowmia will be required to sign in again via an updated experience.
  • Improved the communication with licensing servers when using a proxy
  • Resolves an unquoted search path vulnerability. Thanks to Tejas Pingulkar (@tp9222) for reporting.
  • Other bug fixes, crash fixes, memory leaks, and performance improvements

13 April, 2021: Snagit 2021.3.0

  • Refreshed look to the UI while capturing
  • Adjusted the contrast on some dialogs in Dark theme modes to improve accessibility and usability
  • Fixed UI truncation issues in several languages
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in certain situations when saving a PDF
  • Improved the error message that can occur when getting the Error 350 error
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

16 March, 2021: Snagit 2021.2.1

  • Fixed an issue that wouldn’t allow users to log in to Dropbox for sharing
  • Fixed an XML External Entity (XXE) issue with Snagit Presets. Thanks to Justin Steven for reporting this issue
  • Fixed a security issue where opening a maliciously crafted .snagtheme file could result in arbitrary code execution. Thanks to Justin Steven for reporting this issue
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

19 January, 2021: Snagit 2021.2.0

  • Fixed a number of video recording bugs, crashes, and audio sync issues with an updated video recording engine
  • Fixed an issue that could occur when recording video that would result in a corrupted video
  • Fixed bugs related to plugging in and unplugging webcams in microphones that could result in a corrupted video
  • Fixed an issue with offline activation where it could get stuck in a loop
  • Fixed a crash upon exit if there were unsaved files in the tray
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

15 December, 2020: Snagit 2021.1.0

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

  • Fixed auto-scrolling for the latest version of Firefox
  • Fixed an issue where certain sizes of the Snagit Editor window cause flashing icons and slow performance
  • IT Administrators: Fixed an issue where Snagit rejected incorrectly formatted keys during deployment
  • Fixed numerous text truncation and control spacing issues for French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Japanese versions
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

23 November, 2020: Snagit 2021.0.2

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when discarding saved changes on a capture while exiting Editor
  • Fixed an issue where Snagit was using too much CPU when trying to communicate with activation servers
  • Updated proxy server configuration file location
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

3 November, 2020: Snagit 2021.0.1

  • Can now directly open Themes from the Asset Store
  • YouTube sharing working again in all supported languages
  • Grab Text and Edit text are now supported in Spanish and Portuguese
  • Many truncations of UI text were fixed in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese
  • When editing the footer of an image created with a Template, the default text will no longer disappear
  • Fixed a crash when Drop Zone onboarding appeared under very specific circumstances
  • Removed an unnecessary warning message when creating Themes with duplicate colors that could cause Snagit Editor to freeze
  • When exporting a Theme, replacing an existing Theme file now works as expected
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

20 October, 2020: Snagit 2021.0.0

New Languages

  • Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese

Performance Improvements

  • Snagit Editor starts up faster

Additional Changes

  • Smoother Pen drawing
  • Much smaller GIF file sizes
  • Retired support for Windows 7
  • Other various bug fixes!

Snagit 2020.1.5 (13 October, 2020)

  • Media shared to Knowmia will now have working links in the Share History window
  • PDFs shared to Knowmia are now converted to PNGs first
  • Improved the visibility of the selected tab in the Capture Window
  • When creating an Image from Template, your username should now show up at the bottom if you have that setting turned on
  • Image from Template disabled when more than 10 images selected
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit 2020.1.4 (4 August, 2020)

  • Fixed an issue where automated captures with COM were unable to be finalized in Editor
  • Other various bug fixes

Snagit 2020.1.3 (16 June, 2020)

  • Now able to share images, videos, and GIFs to the new TechSmith Knowmia! (Formerly TechSmith Relay)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during an update of Snagit
  • When sharing to Slack, users should now only see open conversations
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Snagit 2020.1.2 (12 May, 2020)

  • Snagit will no longer crash when you use Snagit while it’s creating a GIF
  • Fixed a crash some users were experiencing on shutdown
  • Scrolling capture is now working again when using Snagit through COM
  • The OneDrive for Business sharing destination is now working again
  • Other various bug, performance, and security fixes

Snagit 2020.1.1 (10 March, 2020)


  • Added a SharePoint sharing destination
  • Fixed two crashes that could occur in the TechSmith Updater on some machines
  • Snagit Capture is now more resilient after encountering issues in the same run
  • Fixed a hang when a computer goes to sleep while video recording
  • Can now view all installer options on smaller screens
  • Fixed a hang when trying to take a scrolling capture of specific windows with nested scrolling areas
  • The Slack sharing destination now uses your default browser to authenticate the first time
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when doing a scrolling capture with COM

Security Fixes

  • Updated the LeadTools Imaging SDK v20 from an April 2019 release to latest (November 2019) addressing CVEs 5125, 5100, 5099, and 5084
  • Fixed an XML External Entity (XXE) issue that would allow a local attacker to exfiltrate data under the local Administrator account. Thanks to nerdwell for reporting this issue.

Snagit 2020.1.0 (7 January, 2020)

  • Fixed a startup crash some users were experiencing on Windows 10 v1903
  • Fixed a crash when importing and exporting Capture presets
  • Fixed an issue where switching between images would change some tool properties
  • Improved the look of the Snagit Capture tray icon when recording video
  • Improved Editor performance when cropping images or working with cropped images
  • Restored the ability to save static GIFs with transparency
  • Fixed ability to save PDF as landscape
  • Adding Evernote and Twitter as sharing destinations (previously optional downloads on the TechSmith website)
  • Sharing to Email with a preset subject and body should now work again
  • Other bug fixes and localization updates

Snagit 2020.0.3 (10 December, 2019)

  • Resolved an issue where a subset of users were unable to launch the Editor

Snagit 2020.0.2 (19 November, 2019)

  • Addressed issue where Snagit's auto start option is turned off when installing a newer version of Snagit.

Snagit 2020.0.1 (12 November, 2019)

  • The former method of Combining Images (introduced in Snagit 2019), has no been moved to the top of the list in the Template picking window. It’s called “Custom Steps”
  • Fixed a crash when, in certain circumstances, an image is dropped in a drop zone and then exiting Snagit Editor
  • Added a Video from Images hotkey: Ctrl+Alt+V
  • Reduced the likelihood that Video from Image captures can freeze due to unreliable audio devices
  • More work to keep drop downs out of the recording area when recording in Video from images mode
  • Improved the accessibility of navigating the video recording UI with the keyboard
  • Simplify glyphs should now have better contrast when a color close to white is chosen
  • The Box output handles filenames better when sharing
  • Fixed other crashes, performance, and security issues.

Snagit 2020.0.0 (22 October, 2019)

  • Snagit makes it even easier to share content at work. Now you can share Snagit content directly to Slack and Box.
  • Changing properties with multiple text objects selected works as expected
  • Increased maximum font size
  • Smoother rendering when using the Crop tool
  • Performance improvements
  • Other bug fixes and localization updates

Snagit 2019.1.6 (14 January, 2020)

  • Mitigated the security flaw in our 3rd party LEADTOOLS BMP library that could have resulted in a remote code execution vulnerability. CVE-2019-5100
  • Uninstalling Snagit 2019 after updating to Snagit 2020 will keep your preferences

Snagit 2019.1.5 (3 December, 2019)

  • Improved audio quality in video captures by increasing audio bitrate to 128kbps stereo
  • Fixed an issue with Snagit not persisting the Run on Startup preference
  • TechSmith accounts should now remain signed in after updating Snagit
  • Sharing to OneNote 2010 working again
  • The Save As file format preference now always respected
  • Fixed crash with the Magic Wand tolerance
  • New Deployment Tool option change whether or not to install the TSC Uploader (used with TechSmith Relay) with Snagit
  • Fixed ability to save PDF as landscape
  • Other bug fixes and localization updates

Snagit 2019.1.4 (9 October, 2019)

  • Fixed a crash when trying to edit an effect from the Capture Window or New Preset Window
  • The browsing pane in the Library should no longer take up the whole Library view for all users
  • Changing the “Run Snagit when Windows starts” setting should now be properly saved
  • Printing dialog should no longer show Japanese characters in all languages
  • Can now install on machines with a Favorites folder using a UNC path
  • The Twitter sharing destination should now be working again
  • After resetting to Default Quick Styles, they are remembered
  • Other bug fixes, localization updates, and performance improvements works

Snagit 2019.1.3, 2018.2.4, 13.1.7 (23 July, 2019)

  • Fixes CVE-2019-13382 which would allow a local attacker to gain elevated privileges using a specially crafted presentation file. Thanks to Matt Nelson, Marcus Sailler, Rick Romo and Gary Muller for reporting this vulnerability.

Snagit 2019.1.2 (4 June, 2019)

  • Snagit now supports multi-monitor varied DPI computer setups!
  • Improved capture delay of Chrome browser window
  • Resolved crash during active window capture of Internet Explorer browser
  • Resolved several memory leaks
  • Update to new Screencast API, which leverages oAuth for more secure authentication. This change will require you to sign out and sign in for sharing to

Snagit 2019.1.1 (19 February, 2019)

  • Fix for a crash on Windows 7 when the audio devices took a while to respond.
  • YouTube embed URL is now HTTPS instead of HTTP.
  • UninstallerTool.exe now available for removing old versions of Snagit. Visit the Enterprise Resources Page for more information and documentation.

Snagit 2019.1.0 (11 December, 2018)

  • Added integration with Windows Snipping Tool and Snip & Sketch utilities.

Snagit 2018.2.3 (11 December, 2018)

  • Resolved Snagit hanging at startup on Windows 32-bit when no microphone devices are detected.
  • Resolved CPU spiking when checking for updates.
  • Updated registration of GIF codec to prevent repairs during Windows updates.

Snagit 2019.0.1 (6 November, 2018)

  • New Support Tool for more easily submitting diagnostic information to TechSmith Support.
  • Resolved Snagit hanging at startup on Windows 32-bit when no microphone devices are detected.
  • Resolved Mic Dropdown missing from Video HUD.
  • Resolved CPU spiking when checking for updates.

Snagit 2019.0.0 (23 October, 2018)

  • Preview your Snagit files in Windows Explorer. Icons and preview images are now visible when browsing your .snag files in your folders.
  • Performance improvements to Snagit’s startup time.
  • Fixed some issues related to using Snagit Editor with tablets and stylus pens.

Snagit 2018.2.2 (25 September, 2018)

  • Removed short links due to service retiring. Previous links will continue to work.
  • Updated registration of GIF codec to prevent repairs during Windows updates.
  • Enabled Grab Text on cloud virtual machines (e.g., Amazon and Azure).
  • Other bug fixes, performance enhancements, and security improvements.

Snagit 13.1.6 (31 July, 2018)

  • Resolved crash when creating a GIF on Microsoft Windows 10 (1803).
  • Updates to address potential security issues.

Snagit 2018.2.1 (28 June, 2018)

  • Updated web security protocols.
  • Resolved memory leak on Windows 7.

Snagit 2018.2.0 (19 June, 2018)

  • Added French language.
  • Resolved error when changing audio devices on Microsoft Windows 7.
  • Resolved crash when creating a GIF on Microsoft Windows 10 (1803).
  • Resolved bug where disabling system audio also disabled microphone audio for video recording.
  • Resolved video capture fail with error 18.

Snagit 2018.1.1 (27 March, 2018)

  • Fixed crash when deploying Snagit with custom output paths and allow installed outputs folder to be created when using environment macros.

Snagit 2018.1.0 (6 February, 2018)

  • Deploying with a theme will launch Snagit with that theme selected.
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to capture the cursor on Windows 7 64-bit.

Snagit 2018.0.2 (19 December, 2017)

  • Fixed a crash on Windows 7 when processing video captures.
  • Fixed a crash on launch when Windows Media Feature Pack is not installed on Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows N.
  • Added option to disable automatic crash dump generation for Enterprise users.
  • Fixed an issue where Snagit sometimes prevents Enterprise machines from creating User Profiles

TechSmith Deployment Tool (14 November, 2017)

Snagit 2018.0.1 (14 November, 2017)

Snagit 13.1.5 (14 November, 2017)

  • Updates to address potential security issues.

Snagit 13.1.3 (24 May, 2017)

Bug Fixes

  • Updates to address potential security issues.

Snagit 13.1.2 (18 April, 2017)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that would result in an error when trying to record the screen on some Windows 7 machines.


  • Can now update your translated files by re-importing a translated XLIFF file.

Snagit 13.1.1 (28 February, 2017)

Bug Fixes


  • Recording web camera in Citrix based environments on Server 2012 is no longer supported.

Snagit 13.1.0 (24 January, 2017)


  • Deploy Snagit with customized Tool Themes and Capture Presets.

Snagit 13.0.0 (7 June, 2016)


Snagit 12.2.0 (26 August, 2014)


  • Added ability to customize the auto-storage location.
  • Improved performance of capture workflow in virtual environments.