Snagit (Windows): Only able to record for 10 minutes


While recording with Snagit, the recording pauses/stops automatically at 10 minutes.


UPDATE 4/18/2017

This problem has been addressed in Snagit 13.1.2 and later. Update Snagit by opening Snagit and browsing to the file menu Help > Check for updates.

Original Problem

This can occur when the recording controls are manually minimized to the task bar by clicking this button: 



Option 1

If the controls are automatically minimized, then this problem should not occur. The recording should continue as expected. The controls are automatically minimized when there is not enough room on the screen to display the controls outside of the selected recording area (for example, you record the entire screen and only have one screen connected).

Option 2

Do not minimize the controls. As long as the controls are not minimized by the user, then the recording should continue as expected.

Option 3

The recording will pause at exactly 10 minutes. When this happens the controls will appear on the screen. At this point you can select the Record button to un-pause and continue recording.

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