Changing Billing Providers - (FAQ)

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Why are you getting a different billing provider?
To give you the best online experience, we are moving to a billing provider that offers better self-service. Now, you’ll have more ways to manage your ScreencastPro account, conveniently.


Which billing provider is it?
FastSpring, the world’s leading ecommerce platform.


Who is affected by this transition?
ScreencastPro customers who are billed through Digital River can now move to our new, improved billing provider, FastSpring.


When does this take effect?
The new system is in effect now! Update your billing information in FastSpring right away.  


How do I update my billing information?  Is it quick?
You should have received an email letting you know to update your information. Click on the link in the email to update your billing information and make sure you keep your ScreencastPro benefits. It is quick and easy.


How do I know if I am billed through Digital River?
If you received an email from TechSmith letting you know about the new billing provider, then you are. You also can see “DRI*TechSmith” on your past billing statements. 


Why do I need to re-enter my billing information?
For security purposes, Digital River cannot pass your billing information to the new system. You need to enter it into FastSpring yourself. 


Is there a deadline to update my billing information?
Yes. If you’re currently on a monthly ScreencastPro subscription, the deadline to update your billing information is January 31, 2018. If you don’t update your billing information by then, your ScreencastPro account will be downgraded to Free.


If you’re currently on an annual subscription, the deadline to update your billing information is before your subscription expires.  

Will the price be the same?
Yes. The price is not affected by our change to a new billing provider.  However, we are offering one month free (for monthly subscriptions) or 10% off (for annual subscriptions) when you update your billing information before the expiration date.  


How do I get my free month (for monthly subscriptions) or 10% off (for annual subscriptions)?
Your discount will automatically be applied at checkout.  You don’t need to enter any discount code; you will get the discount  


I’ve updated my billing information. Do I need to press the “Activate Now” button?
Yes. Make sure you click the “Activate now” button on the Thank You page (the page that automatically appears after you update your billing information). Or, you can click the “Activate Now” button that appears in the confirmation email you receive after updating your billing information.  Either of these actions will apply the key that connects your ScreencastPro account to your billing information. 


Will anything else about my Screencast Pro account change?
Nothing about content hosting or sharing will change because of the new billing provider.  However, you will now be better able to update and manage your account information and self-serve, conveniently.


What will happen if I don’t update my billing information?
If you don’t update your billing information by the deadline by September 30, 2017 (for monthly subscriptions) or before your expiration date (for annual subscriptions), your ScreencastPro account will be downgraded to a Free account.


What about my content (videos/images)? Can I keep them?
Your content is safe. It won’t be deleted, even if your account is downgraded from Pro to Free.  However, if you are at or exceeding the bandwidth or space limits, you may not be able to add more content, download, or share files until you update your billing information and restore your account back to a Pro account.


Will I need to update my billing information again anytime soon?
This is the only planned billing provider update. You may receive prompts to update your billing information in the future if you have other circumstances specific to your own account, such as an expired credit card, etc.


Why does the logo look different? Did you recently change the logo?
Yes, we recently changed the logo from this screencast_old.svg to this screencast-icon_new.svg.