Camtasia (Mac): The Document could not be opened



When opening project, Camtasia gives the error message "The Document 'yourFileName.cmproj' could not be opened" :





Currently the best option we have to recover projects that are giving this error message is to try to manual restore the project from one of the backup TSCPROJ files. As you edit in Camtasia, the application will generate several TSCPROJ back up files. Here are the instructions to manually restore your project from one of the back up TSCPROJ:


1) First close Camtasia completely.

2) Right clicking the cmproj file, and choosing the option "Open Package Contents".

3) If you have a files listed as "project.TSCPROJ", rename that file to either  "~project.TSCPROJ" or "proejct.TSCPROJ.bak".

4) Try renaming the file "~project.TSCPROJ" or "proejct.TSCPROJ.bak" files to simply "project.TSCPROJ".

5) Re-open the .cmproj file in Camtasia again. Any change? All we are doing here is renaming one of our automated backup files to see if that gets things working again.


Here is a quick video on the steps above: 


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