Purchase Additional Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the amount of your content that can be viewed or downloaded each month. It differs from storage, which is the total amount of content you can store on Screencast.com at a given time. If you have a Pro account and need additional bandwidth, supplemental blocks of 100 GB are available in the TechSmith store for $31.95. Follow the steps in this article to purchase additional bandwidth.


Additional bandwidth is used to supplement a Pro user's monthly allotment and does not expire until the additional data is used up. In other words, if you purchase a block of bandwidth one month, and only need 7 GB more than the 240 GB for your account, then you will still have 93 GB for use in another month when additional bandwidth is required. Additional bandwidth does not reset like monthly bandwidth.

Purchasing Additional Bandwidth

  1. Navigate to the My Account page.
  2. On the My Account page, click Purchase more bandwidth.
  3. Select how many 100 GB blocks of bandwidth you would like to purchase and click Checkout.
  4. Follow the checkout steps to complete your purchase.


The additional bandwidth is added to your account and the total available bandwidth is displayed on the My Account page.



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