Snagit (Windows): Unable to unlock with software key, or start a capture


I have just purchased Snagit, however the capture window is unresponsive. It is possible to adjust settings, yet I am not able to unlock Snagit with my software key, or start a capture.



UPDATE 5/23/17: This problem has been fixed in Snagit 13.1.3. Please use this link to download and install the update.

This is a known issue that we are currently investigating. Please follow these steps to fix the problem, and unlock Snagit.

  1. Click on your start menu and browse to the TechSmith folder.
  2. Open the Snagit Editor.


  3. When the Editor opens, you should be prompted to unlock Snagit. Sign in or enter your software key to unlock the program. Once unlocked, you should be able to start a capture.

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