Camtasia (Mac): Crashing when uploading to Youtube


When Exporting a project from Camtasia Mac 3.0.5 or later to Youtube, Camtasia Crashes.


Possible Cause

The issues appears to be related to a cached Google API Authentication entry, in Keychain Access, that is being intercepted by Camtasia Mac when trying to upload to Youtube. 




If you are currently on Camtasia Mac version 3.0.5, this issue can be resolved with by removing the "Camtasia.Mac.Google.API.Auth" entry in your Keychain Access. Here are the step from removing the Google Auth entry in Keychain Access: 

  • Go to Finder>Applications folder>Utilities folder.
  • Select Keychain Access.
  • In the top right search bar, type in "Google".
  • Right click on the "Camtasia.Mac.Google.API.Auth" entry and choose Delete.


Here is a quick video that walks through the steps above:




If this workaround does not seem to resolve the problem, please contact support for assistance.


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