Product Feedback and Suggestions

Thank you for visiting our feedback and suggestions site. We communicate with our customers in a variety of different ways including studies and surveys, in-product feature tracking, our customer facing support teams, and of course this forum. While we as a company cannot promise specific features and dates as part of our product roadmap given the nature of software development, we are genuinely curious about who our customers are and what they look for out of our products. Placing a heavy value on hearing from our customers about their needs and what they look for in of our products is a point of pride at our organization.

This site provides us with an avenue to gather information about the way our products help you to accomplish your needs when it comes to communicating through images and video and what you might need in the future to be even more successful. This forum also allows us to communicate with you about future product or company oriented ideas and gather your feedback on those to ensure our users have the opportunity to actively participate in the future of the products they have come to use daily. We may sometimes ask for additional details or clarification around feature requests and suggestions because we are trying to better understand the problems you are aiming to solve. We know that it takes time to sign up, to sign in, and to share your thoughts, and we thank you for your time in doing so! While we cannot respond to each and every piece of feedback we receive, we promise that we are listening because we cannot improve our offerings without your assistance. We look forward to working with you to make our products better than ever, thank you!

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