Snagit (Mac): Not in Applications Folder


Trying to launch Snagit results in the following error, even though it is already in the Applications folder.



Snagit 4 and later

This problem has been addressed in Snagit 4.1.5 and later. Update by opening Snagit and browsing to the menu bar item Snagit > Check for updates.

Snagit 3

This was a known issue in version 3 in certain scenarios. To resolve the problem, please follow these steps for Snagit on Mac 3.

  1. Close out of Snagit so it is not running.
  2. Open a new Finder window.
  3. Browse to the menu bar item Go > Go to folder.


  4. Copy and paste the following and hit Enter: ~/Library/Application Support/Snagit/


  5. Move all of the Snagit folders here to your trash.
  6. Empty the trash and reboot the computer.
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