Camtasia (Mac): Unstable QuickTime Components

The Mac App Store recently introduced a requirement for developers to utilize a feature called "Sandboxing" for apps. The benefit of this requirement is that it will help protect users from unexpected malware or viruses, as it prevents applications from having access to files that it does not require. However, this has had an unfortunate impact on some applications such as Camtasia. There are a number of third-party QuickTime components that can be installed on the computer that are not currently compatible with an application running in a sandboxed environment. If present, these components can lead to instability or even application crashes. At this time, we recommend updating these components to the latest version available from the component's vendor so there is no conflict with the Camtasia application.  However, if for some reason updating to the latest version of the component does not resolve the issue, removing the component from the machine will also resolve the issue.  

The following list contains some currently known examples

  • 3ivx v 5.0.4 and earlier
  • CamTwist v 2.3 and earlier
  • Flip4Mac v or earlier
  • Perian (Often times has 3ivx bundled with it)

With the components listed above, each will have an Uninstaller Package that can be run to remove the components from the machine. This package can be found in your Applications folder, in a subfolder with the same name (3ivx, CamTwist or Flip4Mac):


Alternatively, these components can be found in the following locations and manually deleted, followed by a restart of the computer:




To quickly access these folders, you may use the "Go To Folder..." option found in the Go menu of the Finder, then type in the folder path:


The following video shows the process of opening the /Library/QuickTime folder, and deleting some possibly unstable components

If you do not have any of the above components installed and are still experiencing issues, please contact our Support Team.


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