Camtasia (Mac): Unable to save projects

This can occur for a variety of reasons. One workaround that can sometimes work is choosing Edit->Undo and then try saving the project again. It may be necessary to undo several edits in order to successfully save the project.

Possible Causes

  • A project file is located on a network or shared drive
  • The project name or the name of an imported media file contains a symbol such as &, %, $, *
  • One of the media files has been moved, deleted, or renamed
  • A recently added media file is corrupt
  • The project file is damaged or corrupted


  • Always keep media and project files on a local hard drive
  • Avoid symbols in file and folder names
  • If you have moved media files on your system, move them back to their original locations. To move projects to a different computer, save the project as Standalone.
  • If the project can't be saved after importing a media file, try temporarily moving or renaming just that file
  • Restore from a backup copy of the project, such as from a Time Machine backup
If none of these options help please submit a ticket to Support.
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