Camtasia (Mac): Editing Camtasia Studio, Snagit, and Jing videos in Camtasia for Mac


How to edit videos created from Snagit, Jing, or Camtasia (Windows) to Camtaisa (Mac)?



Jing SWF files cannot be edited in Camtasia (Mac). The SWF files created in Jing can only be opened in Camtasia (Windows).


Snagit AVI videos (Windows 10 and lower) can not be imported in Camtasia (Mac). Video file must convert to a different file format (MP4, QuickTime) on Windows.

Snagit Windows 11 and greater and Snagit (Mac) 2 and greater create MP4 video captures. Those MP4 files can be imported into a Camtasia (Mac) project.

Camtasia 8

Recordings (.trec) can be transferred to Camtasia (Mac). Project (.camproj) files cannot be transferred to Camtasia (Mac).

Camtasia 9

Recording and projects files can be shared on Camtasia (Mac) 3. See this article for more information.

See this article for working with Camtasia recording files in Camtasia (Mac).