Camtasia (Mac): Optimal settings for exporting video that will be imported to another application


What settings should I be choosing in Camtasia to edit my produced file in another Video Editor?


  • Verify you have your canvas dimensions set to the original recording dimensions. Please see the following article here.
  • Once you have confirmed this, export your project via the following steps: 

Camtasia 3

  1. Click on Share>Local File...
  2. In the File Format: box choose Export to MP4 (.mp4)
  3. Click on Options...
  4. Set Frame Rate: 30
  5. Set Dimensions: Current.
  6. Choose OK and then Export





Camtasia 2.9-2.10.8 

  1. Click on Share>Advanced Export...
  2. In the File Format: box choose Export to MP4 (.mp4)
  3. Click on Options...
  4. Set Frame Rate: 30
  5. Set Dimensions: Current.
  6. Choose OK and then Export






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