Camtasia (Mac): Location of saved recordings

Default Location for Recordings

By default, Camtasia for Mac saves recordings to the Movies folder, inside the current user's Home folder (~/Movies). By Selecting Camtasia (or Camtasia 2) > Preferences > Recording tab, you can configure the save location and auto-delete behavior of Camtasia.


Auto Delete settings for old recordings

Again by default, recordings are automatically deleted after 14 days. You can change that auto-delete period or disable it if you do not want Camtasia to delete recording files.

When the auto-delete preference is enabled, Trec files will be saved into ~/Movies/Camtasia 3


-Version 2 saves by default to ~/Movies/Camtasia/Temporary Recordings. If the auto-delete preference is disabled, cmrec files will be saved into ~/Movies/Camtasia/Recordings.



-Version 1 saves by default to ~/Movies/Camtasia Temporary Recordings and ~/Movies/Camtasia Recordings.

Click the Change button to select a new save location, and click the Reveal button to show the Camtasia folder in the Finder.


Recordings Saved in Projects

Recordings can also be saved into a specific project (cmproj) file. When a project is initially saved, check the box to create a Standalone project. This means that imported media including Trec files, imported video, sound files, and still images will be copied inside the cmproj file. This makes the cmproj file larger than if media was referenced in its original location on disk, and it means that Camtasia also uses more hard drive space because media is duplicated, but projects can now be moved on disk or to a different computer without losing the media files.

We recommend keeping all media and project files on a local hard drive. Working off a network drive or cloud storage can cause Camtasia to behave incorrectly and may result in corrupted projects or failure to properly export finished video.

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