Camtasia (Mac): Recording Video Games for Editing


How do I record video games for editing?


Recording footage from video games can be a very system-intensive process, even on a computer that exceeds our recommended system specifications. Here are a few tips and tricks to get the best possible performance from Camtasia for Mac when recording.

Free up system resources – Reboot computer, and exit all other applications

Both the game you are going to record and Camtasia for Mac will be utilizing a lot of memory and processing power, so any spare resources that are available will help. It is best to limit your running applications to just Camtasia for Mac and the game you are going to record. A full reboot of the computer, and running just those applications can also help to clear up any other resource issues that can occur from leaving the operating system running for long periods of time.

Set the game to play in windowed mode

For optimum results, we recommend playing the game in windowed mode at 1280x720. Most games will have this as an option in their video settings. The reason we want to avoid a Fullscreen, Fullscreen Windowed, or Borderless mode is because of some resolution switching that can occur when moving into the game after you start the recording. With the game running in a window of a set size, you can tell Camtasia for Mac to record that area of the screen exactly, and not have to worry about video issues from a game maximizing onscreen. Recording in a window is even more important on a Retina display, due to the extremely high resolution that a fullscreen game runs at.

With a game like Minecraft that does not have specific resolution options, setup can be a bit trickier. There are different applications and custom launchers that can be used to force the window to be 1280x720, but these will force the whole window to be that size – the actual gameplay region will be smaller. Instead, start up the Camtasia Recorder, set your recording region to be 1280x720, and begin the recording. Then, resize the game window so that the gameplay area is within the glowing bounding box of the recording area. This will record only the gameplay, and not the window heading and border, though will require some light editing to cut out that brief setup phase.

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