Camtasia (Mac): Activate button grayed out; will not activate



When attempting to activate Camtasia, the Activate button is grayed out even after entering the license key. 


  • Ensure that there are no spaces either at the beginning or end of the key you have inserted. You can manually delete the first number/letter of the software key and manually input it to ensure this. You can put your cursor at the end of the software key and hit delete a few times to get rid of any spaces.
  • Try copying and pasting the license key from different software. Example: Copy it to a text editor first (Text Editor, Word, etc.) and then copy it from the respectful program.
  • Restart your computer and then try inputting the key again from the two steps above.
  • If Camtasia for Mac was working with your key, and is suddenly asking for your key but will not accept it, please first ensure that you are licensed for the version you have installed (i.e.: your key is good for the version you have). If you have the correct version installed, please exit Camtasia completly and delete the following files if they exist: 
    • /Users/<your username>/Library/Preferences/com.techsmith.camtasia.plist
    • /Users/<your username>/Library/Preferences/Camtasia Registration Key
    • /Users/Shared/TechSmith/Camtasia/Camtasia Registration Key
  • After that is complete, re-open Camtasia and attempt to input the key again.
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