TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Portable recorder version 2.0 is not recording to the portable device

There is a known issue in Camtasia Relay 2.0 where the Portable Recorder drive is not identified as a portable drive and thus causes the recorder to run as a typical installed recorder. Attached below is a hotfix for the Camtasia Relay server which will resolve this issue. Please download the hotfix onto the Camtasia Relay server. Double-click the file to apply the hotfix. After applying the hotfix, users will need to delete the existing portable recorder from the portable device, download a new copy from the server, and unzip it to the portable device.

Please note, this hotfix will shut down and restart the "Relay Manager Service". This can also be done manually by running the Services Management Console. (This can be loaded by running "services.msc" via "Start", "Run".)

If you have any questions about this hotfix please contact Technical Support.