TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Fuse will not connect to server


Incorrect Server Name specified

If the Server Name is input incorrectly this will occur.  The correct Server Name for Fuse is the fully qualified domain name of your TechSmith Relay server.  For example, if your server address (endpoint) is, you would input the following as the Server Name:

Login in with non-Presenter account

Logging in to Fuse with an administrative account will not work.  The account's role must be set to Presenter on the TechSmith Relay server.

No network connectivity to the Camtasia Relay server

In cases where no connection can be made to the TechSmith Relay server, the login will fail. Circumstances where this might occur:

  • When the device has no internet connectivity at all
  • When connected to a wifi network that does not have access to your Relay server
  • When connected to a 3G (cellular) network that does not have access to your Relay server

To ensure that you have connectivity to the server from your device, attempt to access the TechSmith Relay website via the device's web browser. If the web browser can connect to the Relay website, Fuse should be able to connect.