TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Preparing the Relay Recorder for Deployment in a System Image

To properly prepare the Relay Recorder to be deployed in a full system image, the ClientID string must be zeroed out to prevent duplicate entries in the Camtasia Relay database.   Please use the instructions below to zero out this client id field prior to capturing the system image.

Prepare the Relay Recorder:

1) Install Relay Recorder using the installation package downloaded from the Camtasia Relay server.

2) Open the Relay Recorder directory and locate the UploaderService.config file.  By default it is located here: 

C:\Program Files (x86)\TechSmith\Camtasia Relay\Uploader


3) Open the Config file in a text editor and find the <ClientId> tag located at the bottom of the file.


4) Delete the currently stored ClientID string, leaving the <ClientId></ClientId> tags in place.


5) Finally, save the UploaderService.config file.   (It may necessary to save the file to the desktop and then copy it back into the directory due to the administrative permissions required)

6) Open the UploaderService.config file and verify the ClientID string has been removed successfully.


NOTE:  This string will be re-populated when the computer boots into Windows the next time, so ensure it is sanitized directly before taking the full system image.