TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Warning while attempting to download Relay Recorder

While attempting to download the Relay Recorder, the web browser may display a warning indicating that the file is dangerous or marked as malicious.   The error may be displayed with a button to discard the download as seen below:

Windows 7 and earlier warning

Windows 8 warning


TechSmith is aware of this issue in the current version of Relay (4.3.1 and prior) and is currently working properly prepare the Recorder Package so it will no longer be flagged as dangerous when it is downloaded from the  Relay Website.   The recorder may still be installed by choosing the option to 'keep' the download and then running the installation normally.


Added Context

The Relay Recorder EXE actually contains two files within it, a RunInstaller.bat and the Installer MSI.  The RunInstaller.bat file contains the Fully Qualified Domain Name/Endpoint ID of the Relay server to which it is connected.  During configuration of this server, that FQDN can change and therefore cannot be explicitly stated in the EXE.  Therefore the EXE cannot be signed when the FQDN that it is passed will can be changed from implementation to implementation.  As mentioned above, we are working to resolve this technical challenge in a future release.