TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Support for the Previous Version of the Kaltura Plugin

At this time we recommend you use this plugin for your Kaltura and TechSmith Relay integration.  TechSmith is currently working with Kaltura to improve the integration.  Once completed, the newest version of this plugin will improve the TechSmith Relay integration in the Kaltura environment and hopes to add the following improvements:

  • HTML5 playback support for mobile devices
  • Native Kaltura player support
  • Improved video quality output

Once completed, it is recommended that publishing destinations that utilize this plugin be upgraded to use the latest version for best results publishing new video content.   Due to technical changes in this publishing destination, please refer to the updated Kaltura Plugin article for setup steps and additional considerations.

In an effort to continually improve the ability of TechSmith Relay to publish to many types of destinations, we welcome feedback and suggestions regarding the updated functionality on our plugins.