TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Introducing new Kaltura Drop Folder Integration for TechSmith Relay

Introducing new Kaltura Drop Folder Integration for TechSmith Relay

New in version 4.4.0 of TechSmith Relay, the new Kaltura integration will provide the following benefits:

  • HTML5 playback support for mobile devices
  • Native Kaltura player support
  • Improved video quality output

Kaltura Setup Instructions

This new Kaltura integration option within TechSmith Relay version 4.4.0 and later relies on Drop Folder option within Kaltura.  This option is not enabled by default and you must contact Kaltura to enable this Drop Folder functionality.  For more information on Drop Folder support within Kaltura, please see the following Support Article from Kaltura:

Kaltura Drop Folders Service For Content Ingestion

When configuring the Drop Folder for the first time with Kaltura, the Relay Solution requires 'XML Based' content ingestion.

TechSmith Relay Setup Instructions

Once the Drop Folder has been enabled on your Kaltura account, please follow the instructions below to configure the TechSmith Relay and Kaltura integration.

  1. Access System > Plugins from within TechSmith Relay.

  2. Install the new Kaltura integration by clicking "Install" next to the Kaltura option.


  3. After the plugin has been installed, you should see a new publishing destination option available within Profiles > Publish Destination Setup.  
  4. Select "Kaltura" from the list of Publishing Destination options.

  5. Provide a Title of the Publishing Destination.  This title will be used to identity the publishing destination within TechSmith Relay as well as the option you select in your profile configuration for Kaltura publishing.
  6. "Host", "Protocol", "Username", and "Password", are provided by Kaltura when Drop Folder is enabled on your account.  Please see the note at the top of this article for additional information on Drop Folder functionality within Kaltura. Fill out these fields and click Save.
  7. Next, select Profiles > Publish Account Setup and select your Kaltura publishing destination on the left.

  8. A title is required.  Adjust additional fields if desired.  For additional information regarding Creator, Tags, or Categories, please see Kaltura help resources.   Your Publish URL should not be left blank, this is commonly configured to the Kaltura KMC URL, which will direct users to login with their Kaltura Credentials to mange their newly created video content.
  9. Click Save to finish setup.