TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): Creating a self-signed SSL certificate for TechSmith Relay

To create a self-signed SSL certificate, see the details below related to your servers operating system:

IIS 6/Server 2003

A self-signed SSL certificate is a free/temporary solution that can be used to get started using Camtasia Relay.  Before you install Relay, you will need to download the IIS Resource Kit Tools.  This can be found here.  After installing the resource kit, you should be able to locate the SelfSSL application here: 


Type the following at the command prompt:
"c:\Program Files\IIS Resources\SelfSSL\selfssl.exe" / /V:365
where "" is your fully qualified domain name.

Hit "Enter".

If it asks you to replace the SSL settings for site # (Y/N) type "y" and hit enter.

IIS 7/Server 2008

Click Start-->Adminstrative Tools-->Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

Choose your server and then click on Server Certificates.  On the right hand side under Actions choose "Create Self-Signed Certificate"

Next, we need to bind the certificate to the Relay Web Site.

1. In IIS Manager, click on the plus symbol next to server name.
2. Click on the plus symbol next to Sites.
3. Click on Default Web Site.
4. Click on Bindings…
5. The Site Bindings page appears. Click Add.
6. The Add Site Binding page appears. Select https from the dropdown menu.
7. Select the server certificate to add to the Relay web site from the SSL certificate dropdown menu.
8. Click View to view the server certificate. Review the certificate information to ensure the certificate is valid and the information is correct. Click OK when you are finished reviewing the certificate.
9. Click OK.