TechSmith Relay (Self-Hosted): After installing the Relay server, Relay website is unreachable with "page not found" (404)

The server may not have the proper version of ASP.NET registered.   Please see the appropriate steps below to register ASP.NET with IIS on your server:

Windows Server 2008:

Click Start and type cmd in the search.  Right click cmd.exe and choose "run as admin". Browse to this directory.


**for 64 bit Server 2008 the path will be Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727

then run the following command.

aspnet_regiis -i

Then restart IIS and the web page should load.


Windows Server 2003:

This can happen when IIS (Internet Information Services) has been configured incorrectly.  Please make sure that ASP.NET v2.0 is set to "allowed".  To do this, click on Start > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager > Expand the instance of the Relay website > Click on "Web Services Extensions".  Make sure that ASP.NET v2.0.50727 is set to "Allow".