TechSmith Relay: Unable to Retrieve Captions Error

When attempting to edit the captions on any submitted videos, an error appears stating:

"Unable to Retrieve Captions.  Please contact your TechSmith Relay Administrator."


Often this is related to a missing Handler Mapping on the TechSmith Relay Server installation.  

To rectify this problem, ensure that a Handler Mapping for *.svc exists at the Relay Website level of your IIS Website configuration.


To check the Handler Mappings (Example shown in IIS 7):

1)  Log into the computer which the Camtasia Relay Server is hosted on as an administrative user.

2)  Open the IIS Manager tool by running: inetmgr.exe from a search or command line.

3)  Expand the tree on the left by clicking on the Server Name, then expand the 'Default Web Site' and finally click on the 'Relay' website. (See Screenshot)

4)  Double click on 'Handler Mappings'.


5) From the 'Handler Mappings' page, scroll down to verify if the *.svc handler is in place.  

NOTE: If these Items are missing, they will need to be added for the Caption Editor to function correctly. (See Screenshot)



Adding Handler Mappings to Resolve The Error:

Often this indicates missing Features from the installation of .Net.   To add these features, follow the steps below:

1)  Log into the computer which the Camtasia Relay Server is hosted on as an administrative user.

2)  Open the Server Manager Console and open the 'Add Features' option (In Windows 2012, select the 'Add Roles and Features Wizard').

Windows Server 2008 R2:


3)  Locate the .Net Framework Features (version 3.5.1 for Windows 2008 R2, version 4.5 for Windows 2012) and add a check next to all of the items under 'WCF Activation/Services'.

Windows Server 2008 R2:


4)  Proceed through the Add Features Wizard and complete the installation.

5)  Once the installation is complete, close the Server Manager and Restart IIS.

6)  Verify that the Handler Mappings are now in place by following the steps above in the section:  "To check the Handler Mappings (Example shown in IIS 7)"

7)  If the *.svc handler is now in place, test the caption editor by submitting a test video through the server.


If this error persists, please contact our Technical Support team to continue to investigate the problem.

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